Sunday, September 20, 2009

John Stand in back in Brazil and MVNO moving closer

Once again John Strand is back in Brazil to talk about MVNO and the latest changes coming up.
He has also tapped into two more topics that operators are looking very much into:
  • iPhone: What is the operator business case for this? There is a lot of hype here. At the end of the day it seem much better to receive customers with un-locked iPhones, than selling out own phones with subsidized subscription. Not really a surprise, but if an operators begin to make a business model out of it, things seems to really take off. Some MVNO operators are having 5%-8% os their subscriber base made of customers who brought their iPhones with them from other operators.
  • Mobile Broad Band: Prices are dropping, and what can operators do to make sure that the service overall becomes profitable.
Furthermore John is also working on innovation in Pre-paid. Operators interested in co-developing this topic are invited to check it. Directly or though me.

This whole scenario has gained fuel this week with the rumors that the MVNO regulation is only pending approval at the council of Anatel, and will be issued for public hearing in short time. This could happen in a few weeks.

On September 22 and 23 John will meet retailers and speak at the 12th Retail Forum in Sao Paulo. The expectation on the who industry is mounting up.

I just hope that we are not in for some big surprises when the Anatel regulation is published. Some rumors have it that there will be very restrictive rules about Network Operators not being able to own interest in the MVNOs. This will take a good deal of the possible exit strategies away for MVNO investors. Let's hope that does not happen.

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