Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google continues to execute on its strategy

After the announcement last year that Google overtook UK commercial TV network ITV on advertising revenue, it seems to time to take another bold step predicted by John Battelle in his book "The Search", where he describe a scenario of a parent looking for cheap diapers on the Google site, and when turning on the TV, the first commercial that shows up is - guess what - on diapers!

Now Google and NBC has annouced a deal where Google will sell advertising time on the NBC network...

Now lets watch the O3b project...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

John Strand back in Brazil > Dinner sign up

John Strand, CEO of Strand Consult, is back in Brazil in the week of September 29.
Take your chance to meet John and engage in a lively debate with polemic and provocative opinions on how the Telecom and Media development moves on in Brazil compared to global trends. A great opportunity to think out-of-the-box. We are arranging a dinner on September 1st in Sao Paulo at the retaurant Fidel ( at 2000h, at the cost of the dinner itself: R$ 80,00. You can joint the dinner table by sending a mail to

Short Bio

John Strand is a well-known consultant in the business. Anyone who has met John knows that he always speaks his opinion. Being honest - and giving his honest opinion on current issues in the mobile industry has become John's trademark - even when it means being controversial or treading on some toes.

Today, many International mobile operators, media companies and technology manufactures use John Strand on CXO and Board level as a strategic sparring partner when developing new strategic processes. John uses his many years of experience to simplify the most complicated

John is a member of the board of directors for a number of Scandinavian and International companies, and previously was a member of the Advisory Board for the 3GSM World Congress.

Here is a selected range of topics that you can indicate as to dicusss before the dinner:
  • Successful Strategies for the Mobile Broadband Market
  • The importance of the right distribution strategy
  • The portal strategies of the future
  • The reality for mobile operators on the Western European Markets
  • Declining profit margins on basic mobile services
  • Which mobile strategy should media companies choose?
  • Is the mobile services market facing massive regulation?
  • The question is not whether there will be a market for Location-based services
  • Are MVNOs the mobile operators saviors?
  • Mobile Payment, Top-Up, M-Banking has inspired to much activity, but what is actually going on, and who plays in the value chain?
Here you can see a few selected articles in the global press where John is used as source (click on the logos):

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