Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finger bending with new Apple iPod Touch

I was happy without knowing it.
I had an iPod for two years, and now I decided to upgrade. Fine, with camera, mike, nice display, and so on, but the ON/OFF bottom has got a down grade. The bottom has been moved from the left to the right side. When you hold the iTouch with you right hand, which I assume most people do, the Index Finger was naturally placed right over the ON/OFF bottom. Pressing the bottom unintentionally is not a problem, as it is only the screen you turn of, and can you always turn it back on. I use it very much as a screen lock, but that is much more difficult now. On this new iTouch, in order to turn the sceen on and off I have to bend my finger to the right, with a difficult and unnatural movement. Have I missed a brilliant clue with this?