Friday, December 21, 2012

Time for a new Nexus phone?

Nexus 3 (Samsung)
When I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250, also known as the Google Nexus 3 earlier this year, I had decided to keep it for two years.

I am very happy about the phone, and things was going just well until two weeks ago when I discovered that the auto-focus on the main camera was suddenly un-functional. I can take close-ups, but a landscape picture looks like the one shown here. If I hand in the phone to a repair shop, I will have to live without it for weeks, that seem unbearable.

Meanwhile, a new Nexus came out. The LG Nexus 4, this time made by LG, also called the E 960. Google seem to release one every year. I like the Google phones because they have no handset manufacturer OS overlay to Android, and I am the first one to receive the latest updates of the Android OS, and this phone already runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.
Nexus 3 Picture without auto-

So, should I buy the Nexus 4 and repair my Nexus 3, and sell it? Well, the jury is still out on this one, but tell me your opinion, and I will make a choice first in the new year.

Nexus 4 (LG)
The reviews that I have seen are largely positive towards the Nexus 4, some saying that it has a good mechanical tight feel in the hand, and that the glass back panel is giving it a good feel also. From the comparison between the two on GSM Arena I could only discover three differences which are significant to me: RAM has doubled to 2 GB, the processor is faster, and there is more battery life. But, compare for yourself. The screen is a little larger, but that does not make much of a difference to me. Also the Nexus 4 does not have LTE, as some of the Nexus 3 models have, which I find strange, but here in Brazil coverage will not be significant before I will have to upgrade next time anyway.

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