Monday, February 25, 2008

Get the picture? - Polar Rose

Let's take look at a very interesting newcomer: Polar Rose.
The company has developed an algorithm which can recognize human faces, for example on the internet. Polar Rose has apparently been discovered now, because the company has been gifted with a number of high-flying awards lately, such as : Best Technical Innovation at the SIME conference in Stockholm, the Red Herring Global 100 list, selected as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2008, with invitation to participate in the famous Davos meeting.

So what is it about?

It is an image recognition plug-in for your Firefox net browser.
You are using Firefox I suppose...!? I find no excuse for not installing his faster, and more user friendly, browser on all my PC's.

Anyway, the plug-in detects people in public photos and places a signature rose (see above) approximately where the pinhole of their shirt would be. If the photo can not be identified it will ask you to confirm the identity of the person on the photo. A true Web 2.0 service with huge potential. Imaging the Google Image search function, which today is relaying on the context and surrounding text of an image to identify it. Now, the Polar Rose software will, with the help from all of us, build up a data base from our collective knowledge of the identity of a myriad of people browsed from all over the Internet. Try it out. Maybe you are already a known face on the Internet...

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