Thursday, February 14, 2008

News from Barcelona?

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year did not bring a lot of new topics into the arena. On the other hand, we got much more insight on which topics that are getting more serious. I am summing up my notes and will comment on it over the next few days.

The Key Topics on my list are:
- Mobile Broadband.
- The fight in location and navigation.
- The fight for the device screen.
- Pipe-line versus Walled Garden.
- The key drivers are Devices and Connectivity
- The role and importance of advertising.

On the other hand, it was also interesting to note the absence of most of the media industry. Many vendors say that they have made solutions for a converging industry, where Telecommunication and Media are melting together, but there still seem to be a significant distance between the two. First of all there were very few media companies, this year. Two years back MTV, Sky, and record labels had prime time space. This year they were hard to find. My feeling is that they are finding the mobile industry much harder to penetrate than they thought initially. Revenue share and content rights seem to be a tougher question than we all thought a few years back….

More in that later, now I will pack my stuff and get back to Brazil…

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