Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google continues to execute on its strategy

After the announcement last year that Google overtook UK commercial TV network ITV on advertising revenue, it seems to time to take another bold step predicted by John Battelle in his book "The Search", where he describe a scenario of a parent looking for cheap diapers on the Google site, and when turning on the TV, the first commercial that shows up is - guess what - on diapers!

Now Google and NBC has annouced a deal where Google will sell advertising time on the NBC network...

Now lets watch the O3b project...

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Shefaly said...


Thanks for the hat tip re my post on the O3b. Since you work in this space, I would be keen to hear what your views are on these plans? Google is of course one of several investors but one with the most skin in the game (apart from money, that is).