Friday, July 2, 2010

3 UK moves away from unlimited data

As mentioned in my previous post, operators are now eying the chance to curb one of the biggest worries they have had since mobile Internet really started to take off, namely the uneven consumption of data volumes.

USA and UK seem to be leading into this trend, and all marketing managers at Brazilian mobile operators that I have spoken to in the last 6 month are planning for the same thing if they have not already launched planes with volume cap to release the unlimited plans.

Some have expressed worries that the networks might melt down, but of course no operator would accept seeing all profit go away and their network break down. Volume caps will be introduced. The question for a long time has been where the pain point is. AT&T in USA have for long been criticized by smartphone users for bad service, and the fact that they have an exclusive deal with Apple on the iPhone have prevented people from trying out other operators network. That might have been a better solution, as people might have discovered that other networks are suffering from the same similar problems. Anyway, as mentioned before, AT&T is now stoping new unlimited plans, and 3 UK seem to have hit the pain point also. Strand Consult argues that the iPhone deal is not such a good deal for the operator anyway.

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