Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our digital lifestyle. Reloaded onto hardware.

Hardware is becoming more important in shaping the future of our digital life.

During the last decade, and especially since the iPhone was launched in 2007 there has been a strong focus on Digital would change our life, and most of it concentrated around software and apps. Just look at the price tags in acquisition of software companies.

This is now changing.

If you now look at the latest quarterly result of Apple, and how they derive value from selling hardware and its clear that there something to come for, but look also at the deals in the robotics area that Google are doing, and the projects of Elon Musk.

The power of change that Digital and Software have shown us are now taking physical shape as
robots and drones, and 3D printing is also a strong driver for this. Self-driving cars, as portrayed a couple of times on this page is one instance of this mega trend, and lately the date at which these cars will take to the streets seem to be moving closer as more companies invest seriously. Just check out GoogleMercedesVolvo, and Uber.

Lately drones has been moving indoor: This year, the restaurant Timbre in Singapore will launch drones serving dinner at your table. Perhaps not the most romantic atmosphere, but make no mistake. In most ambients there are more cubic meters than square meters, and that space will be used in the future. Aalborg University in Denmark has also engaged in a partnership to develop the future for indoor drones.

Get ready for Digital reloaded... onto hardware.